Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Being on TV was totally worth it

Being on a game show might be something that people (I’ll call them insane people) aspire to. The thrill of rubbing elbows with people in “the biz,” getting your makeup professionally done, the green room refreshments, the bright lights, the excitement of the audience, and even the chance that you could get “discovered” would make this seem like a wonderful opportunity for some. Not for me, though!

Last fall, K and I somehow managed to get chosen to be on the Newlywed Game Show. I know, that show is still on the air? I won’t go into the mundane details of the day we filmed, but even after sitting around for 8+ hours, the filming part was actually kinda fun. Until I realized that it was going to air. To the public. Fuck.

I am one of those people who believes that they are not photogenic and sound and look terrible on camera. That’s where the problem lies – potentially thousands, I mean hundreds, of people who I don’t know are going to watch me acting and sounding like retard. Not to mention answering embarrassing questions about my sex life. K soaked up this experience, while I need an entire bottle of wine to dampen the feelings of inadequacy once it was over.

So, fast forward 2 months… we were not able to reveal the results of the show (under penalty of $100K fine) until the show aired a few months ago. I could barely watch myself act like the biggest dork ever… seriously, I was worse than I thought I’d be! K and I even managed to screw up a high five when we got an answer right, and I winked at the camera. And not a cute sexy wink, a super cheesy awful wink. Ugh.

But since it finally aired and I am happy to say that we won. That’s right, WE F-ING WON. The prize is what makes this whole experience totally worth it… a 100% all inclusive week long 2nd honeymoon to St. Lucia (yes, the same place The Bachelor was filmed, don’t remind me)! So, we managed to get our reservations for next November set today, and I’m excitedly counting down the months til we get to go… crap, 8 months to go!

Picture of beautiful St. Lucia, before it got ruined by The Bachelor


  1. Congrats on your win and your trip! I'd watch out for your episode but we don't have tv anymore... enjoy St. Lucia ... I'm sure the taint from the bachelor will have worn away by the time you get there...

  2. That's awesome!! I'm sure you'll manage to enjoy your time in St. Lucia, despite the unfortunate Bachelor connection. Looking at that picture, I couldn't imagine how you wouldn't enjoy it!!

  3. Wow- you're going to be faaaa-mous. Okay, maybe not but at least you get a free vacation out of it. Did you DVR your episode so you can see it again and again and again??