Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Doggie Adoption, A First for Me

Here’s some background information in regards to me and dogs. I was not what you call a “dog person” in any sense of the word. I grew up with cats, which suited my independent lifestyle as a kid, and now as a adult. I believe a few bad experiences with dogs as a kid caused me to write them off as adequate pets forever. You know what I’m talking about, playing at your friends house and accidentally walking through shit in the living room, ruining your brand new Reboks; riding your bike down the street only to be chased by a ferocious beast of a dog; valiantly trying to kick a dog away from sniffing your crotch or jumping on your chest; and not to mention the endless barking coming from your neighbor’s garage. See, those experiences culminated into one thought: All dogs are evil, living room shitting, crotch sniffing, annoying barking assholes.

My husband, K, is a dog person, and gradually he has worn me down into to accepting that not all dogs are that bad. As I have come to realize, usually the misbehaving dog is the victim of a mean/lazy jerk of an owner. So we agreed – we were going to adopt a dog, but I get to pick. We have been talking about getting one for about a year now, but with wedding planning, honeymooning, and extended work trips, it was not feasible last year. So now that all the craziness is behind us, we decided to go for it. I’ve always liked the look of fuzzier/sillyface dogs like Chows and Shiba Inus, so that’s where we started looking. We also agreed that we would rescue a dog that needed a home, versus spend an outrageous amount on a pure bred puppy. So, last Friday we finally got our doggie! She’s a 2 year old gorgeous rescue from the ghetto. She was seriously on death row in Compton. Pretty devastating to think about, huh? Anyway, she’s very shy, but has come around over the last 4 days with a lot of love and patience, and I have to say, I AM IN LOVE! What drew me to her was her sensitive nature, the fact that she doesn’t bark or chew, was surprisingly house/crate/leash trained and her breed (mostly Shiba) hates to be dirty. Sounds like a cat, but she cuddles like a dog!

Here’s a pic of our new puppyface – how can you not love this??


  1. I do love!! What a cute face! I'd love to have a puppy, but I live in such a small place, it would just be mean. One day!!

  2. Oh, she's so cute! I'm a cat person too, and I've actually always wanted a Shiba - as close to a cat as you can get in dog form!

  3. She's almost as cute as BK! You are going to have so much fun with her- Rescue dogs are the best! www.milldogrescue.org