Wednesday, April 07, 2010

How can people drink that crap?

I work in a busy office where coffee is drank by the gallons – meaning, people suck that stuff down like their sanity depends on it. I am a 2 cup a day tea drinker, so the coffee drinking habits of coworkers makes no difference to me. However, I do have a question that never fails to perplex me: How the fuck can people stand to stir in spoonfuls of that disgusting powdered creamer junk into their coffee on a daily basis?

With my tea, I require milk and sugar. Call me an ole fashioned English biddy, but that’s the only way I drink it. I bring in a pint of 1% milk, and try to stretch it out for as long as the expiration date will allow + 2 days. It’s a pain in the ass to remember to buy an extra pint with some regularity, but well worth it to have a naturally creamy cup of tea in the morning. Versus adding that awful gritty powdered shit (which interestingly is legally allowed to be called “creamer”) to the already battery acid –like coffee they brew here at work.

So this morning I was unexplainably REALLY looking forward to my cup of Earl Grey. More than usual, in fact. While my tea bag is steeping, I grab my pint of 1% out of the fridge and realize that it’s sell by date was April 4th. 3 days ago. Hmmm. I take a tentative sip to see if it’s salvageable, and realize that its literally like 3 hours from going completely sour. I eye the powdered creamer and think "fuck that." I’d rather have semi sour tea that put that crap anywhere near my precious cup of tea.

Guess who’s going to the store immediately after work?


  1. hey, desperate times call for desperate measures!

    i try to avoid the coffee at work at all costs, but sometimes it's pretty necessary. especially on days like today when i have to be at work at 6am for a meeting! fake 'creamer' tastes much better than black coffee or no coffee at all =)

  2. I'm not a regular coffee drinker, but there are some days that I really need it at work in the morning. All we have is that powdered stuff and it is truly awful. I usually just drink my coffee black, rather than putting that in there...the whole idea sort of scares me.

  3. Happy SITS day. Okay, from my perspective, coffee is WONDERFUL. Coffee is God's gift to us, since Adam fell. It's like, well, they have to live in a fallen world, so I'll give them coffee.
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  4. Tea + milk = so good! I've never been able to get on board with coffee. How'd that sour tea sit?