Friday, April 09, 2010

It's Friday, I'm a glass of wine in, so why not?

I feel like on this blog I share random stories (and way too much of my bitchiness), and not enough personal details... so not sure if anyone really cares, but I thought I'd do my own A-Z list that I saw over on Erin's blog. Thanks, Erin!

a. area code: I live in one of the most crowded on the planet, 310

b. bed size: Cal King with really awesome sheets - worth every penny.

c. chore(s) you hate: Cleaning the stovetop... I'm a passionate, yet somewhat messy chef.

d. dog's name: Bijou. Inspiration for my blog title.

e. essential "start of the day" item: Cheesy, yes, but a good morning kiss from my husband, K.

f. favorite color: gray, if that can be considered a color. If not, definitely black or white.

g. gold or silver: silver, siliver, silver! Goes with my platinum wedding band/engagement ring

h. height: 5'5" - as average as you can get

i. instruments you play: if it were possible to rock the violin, I used to back in the day.

j. job: Engineer in large aerospace company

k. kids: an eventuality that scares the crap outta me sometimes, but seems more palatable the older I get

l. living arrangements: best roommate ever... a courteous husband who doesn't mind doing his own laundry and the dishes, and leaves the toilet seat down.

m. mom's name: J Elizabeth. Seriously. She's the original J Lo.

n. nickname: In college my besties called me Enormous... luckily because I was skinny, and I had a good sense of humor, they got away with it.

o. overnight hospital stay: not yet!

p. pet peeve: a weird one but... I HATE seeing chewed gum out of people mouths. Like when people SAVE for later by placing it on the side of their plate/can of soda. It makes me barf.

q. quote from movie: I used to be better, but the all time favs are Home Alone and Mallrats.

r. righty or lefty: righty

s. siblings: two - 2 brothers... I'm the middle child so it works out great.

t. time you wake up: 5:14am... or 5:40 depending if I give enough of a shit to wash my hair before going into work.

u. underwear: won't leave the house without it. It's only prudent.

v. vegetables you dislike: Beets. Being force fed them as a child really has some lasting impacts.

w. ways or reasons you are late: I am that annoying person always ON TIME. Even if I try to be late, I always arrive right on time.

x. x-rays: Broke a rib doing a "sweet" jump while snowboarding.

y. yummy food you make: Um, my specialty is Beef Burgeon and an 6 cheese mac and cheese with pancetta. Sweet Christ its delicious.

z. zoo animals you like: i hate monkeys, but I suppose I can get on board with panda bears


  1. super fun! i'm soooo going to do this too!!
    THANKs Sophie :)

  2. I'm also the middle child with 2 brothers. Definitely had its advantages!