Monday, February 01, 2010

A Foray into Baking: Flatbread from Scratch

First, I gotta say this – while I love to cook, baking is just not my forte. Sure, I can take a store bought mix, chuck in some eggs, water, and oil and come up with a fairly edible cake. I don’t really count that as baking as much as being literate and possessing the ability to follow directions.

So, oddly enough, I got inspired this weekend to try my hand at baking – like make something from scratch. With yeast. I decided to start with a baked good that I particularly enjoy – flatbread. I figured with flatbread, if it came out tasting like shit, I could always mask the taste with some gruyere cheese, roasted veggies, bacon, etc. I swear, you can put bacon and gruyere cheese on an old moldy shoe, and it still would taste killer.

Anyway. I found a simple recipe that only has like 5 ingredients, including thyme as an aromatic, and thought how hard can this be? Basically, the recipe called for all the ingredients to be thrown into a food processor, and then let it rise for an hour, and then you have flatbread dough. Next, you just have to roll out the dough as big as you want it, and then toss it on the grill (or grill pan, if cooking indoors) for a few minutes on each side and then you’re done!

I just said I grilled the flatbread. In a grill pan. On my stovetop. Shit. I just realized that by using a grill pan negates my attempt at baking. Oh hell.

It still tasted awesome though.

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