Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Half Marathon Training Status

As I promised in a previous post, I stated that I would status my half marathon training progress. Except that the race we picked fell through for various reasons, and haven’t yet decided on another one to run. To be blatantly unoriginal by using this word:

Current training curriculum = Fail

As the intelligent Lawrence J. Peter once wrote, “If you don't know where you are going, you will probably end up somewhere else.”

Yep, that quote pretty much sums up why we fell off the training wagon… the not knowing where we are going = we have nothing specific to train for and the somewhere else = going for long walks with our dog, huddling under the covers from the excessive California rain and subsequent destruction, getting sucked into the West Wing series on Netflix starting with season one.

I am pretty annoyed with myself to say the least. After reading through the other blogs I’ve been stalking lately, it seems like everyone is training for a half, and kicking ass while doing it.

K and I have been looking into other races around the area, and nothing is jumping out at us, so I guess we’ll keep looking. However, this is no reason to slow down on my training, so I will be posting my new “maintenance” training plan so I am at least accountable to someone.

My ass thanks you in advance, dear readers. All 5 of you. ;)

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  1. It's been hard for me to stay motivated too. And the cold, wet weather certainly doesn't help much.. but you can do it! Try something new that will get you excited about working out again.. I'm doing hot yoga and although it's suuuuper hard, I get excited about going because it's something new and fun! I'm not sure how much yoga would help train for a half marathon though..either way, good luck! Can't wait to read about your progress.