Sunday, February 07, 2010

The Most Un-American Superbowl Food


Yep, that's what I'm bringing to the Superbowl party K and I are attending today.

I know, what the fuck?

As a Midwestern girl living in Cali, I fear that my family would disown me knowing that on such a day of gorging on fatty, cheesy, carb loaded food, I choose to bring raw fish. All rolled up with raw veggies.

But, I'm totally feeling the sushi today, so that's what I'm bringing. Deal with it. K, bless his heart, is totally on board, which is why he's the best husband ever.

Oh yeah, we're not going to be total dochebags - we're going to bring a 12 pack of good beer as well.

Oh, and PS - GO COLTS*!!!!

*I have been a Colts fan for years, attended at least 20 games in my life, so I'm looking forward to another Superbowl win by my hometown team. Even though I went to college with Drew Brees, I still want to see the Saints get their ass kicked.


  1. If we were attending the same Superbowl party, I would totally be eating some of that sushi. Sushi is appropriate for any occasion, just my opinion!

  2. Heartbreak. I don't dislike the Saints, but oh how I wanted the Colts to win.