Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Would You Consider This Odd in a Marriage?

Doing the Laundry. Not a very amusing topic, I know…

I was talking to a friend to today about her and her husband’s laundry protocol (we usually have more exciting convo’s than laundry talk, promise) and it got me thinking that perhaps K and I are weird about our laundry operating procedure.

I do mine, he does his. Every single time.

No mixing of our clothes in the washer and/or dryer, and we both fold and put away our own garments, on our own time. Just like roommates would do, we wait until the washer/dryer is empty before loading our own dirty laundry. We even exchange the same roommate pleasantries like “Dude, your stupid laundry has been sitting in the dryer for 4 days…” or “I think there’s mold growing on your wet clothes that have been sitting in the washer for what, like 3 weeks now?” However, those comments are a rarity around our harmonious marital home, so it works out perfectly 97% of the time.

I guess we are both just very particular about how we choose to launder our clothes, so it’s the perfect solution for us. I have to wonder, is this more common than I think? Or is this just a misguided newlywed thing? Is it impractical to believe that once we have kids, our perfect solution will no longer be viable? I sure as shit hope not… this could get dicey.


  1. I'm a SAHM so I do all our laundry, but early in our marriage my hubby took care of the laundry duties - when we lived in an apartment with a laundry room, he'd lug our stuff down and read a book while it churned... he'd hang anything that needed hanging but brought most of the stuff back for me to fold. I say go with whatever works!

  2. What about towels, sheets, bedding?

  3. My hubby and I pretty much each do our own laundry. He just throws whatever in together and I am much more particular about separating colors, etc. On occasion, though, if I don't quite have a full load, I will throw his in and vice versa. I may have to put a stop to that, however, because he's shrunk a couple of my shirts lately.

  4. My husband's laundry and my laundry don't even share the same basket! and since we both work, he does his and I do mine. and my "poor kids" have been doing their own since they were old enough to measure the detergent and push the buttons.
    BTW thanks so much for stopping by my blog on my SITS day, I really appreciate it!