Monday, February 22, 2010

I Joined the 30 Day Shred Bandwagon

So, after trolling around the blogasphere for the last few weeks, I have seen an enormous amount of bloggers raving about this 30 Day Shred workout. In 20 minutes a day, 30 days later you're supposed to see significant results to your figure.

Sounds too good to be true, methinks.

Seeing as though the half marathon training plan is on hold for now (we haven't decided on a race and my knee injury is flaring up again), I decided I needed something to break up my running routine in the short term. And I could use a little more muscle tone, it has to be said. So I said, what the hell, I'll give the 30 Day Shred a go.

Well, the DVD arrived in the mail today, so within 20 mins of it's arrival, I had changed and started Day 1, on level 1. 20 minutes later I was glad it was over. Actually, I found the cardio and stomach portions very manageable, just the arm strengthening exercises a KILLER. Still, though, I am skeptical that in only 20 mins over 30 days such a huge result can be yielded, so we'll see. My plan is to Shred for 3-4 days a week, run the other 2-3 days, and see if I get the amazing results everyone raves about.

My goal is to not lose any weight really (at 119 there's not much I should be losing), but to tone my ass up. I will report back with results... hopefully my skeptical ass will be proven wrong!


  1. Good luck!! I jumped on the 30-day shred bandwagon a few months ago and I really like the work-out. Honestly, I don't think it's as amazing as it's been made out to be and I don't actually think it's all that hard (parts of it are, as you've pointed out!) I do HOWEVER think it's a good workout for those days when you're feeling rushed or like you can't fit in more than 20 mins. I feel like you've got a good balanced plan idea in place...between the running and the video you should be good!!

    That was a long comment..apparently I have a lot to say about the 30-day shred!!

  2. I want to do this as well - make that NEED to do this. I told myself I would purchase this DVD this weekend. *fingers crossed I go through with it* I'm happy to hear the arm portion is killer - I need help in that department big time!

  3. I just started this weekend and am about to head home and do my second workout tonight. It certainly wasn't easy the first time, I agree. Good luck!