Wednesday, February 03, 2010

I Love 3 Day Weekends (like, every other week)

First, I gotta say, that even though the company at which I currently work appears to be old school as you can get and run by the “old boys club” – they are surprisingly progressive in certain areas. The best example is that we are on an alternate work week where we get every other Friday off. That means 3 day weekends at least twice a month. Fucking sweet, right?

Basically, we still work 80 hours over a 2 week period… 9 hr days Mon-Thur, and 8 hr day Friday, and if you do the complex math, that should equal 80 hrs. I don’t mind being here 9+ hours during the week – most people work that anyway, and don’t get the freebie Friday off like we do. If anything, that little bonus has kept me here at this company longer than I’ve wanted ... but going back to a consistent 5 day work week is almost unthinkable.

So, the whole point of my inane ramblings is that a 3 day weekend is almost here! K (my husband, who also has the same work schedule) and I try to mix up our 3 dayers; we don’t like to plan every 3 day weekend to do some hard charging travel – we’d be broke as a joke if that were the case. But this weekend we’re going up to Mammoth Mountain for some kick ass snowboarding. We heart snowboarding. A LOT. We bought season passes on the cheap, so we’re making every effort to get up there at least once a month. We found a hotel that accommodates pets, so our fantastic new doggie gets to experience snow for the first time in her life too!

Yay for 3 day weekends!


  1. Alternate work week? I HEART this...if only we could mandate it.

  2. Jealous. I would love this schedule. Enjoy the long weekend!

  3. JennyMac - actually, one of the nice things about Cali (there aren't all that many these days) is that the state gives a tax break to companies that do the Alternate Work Weeks. It cuts down on traffic, pollution, etc. And pissed off employees who get a 2 day reprieve per month.

  4. I want that work schedule. It totally pays to work the extra time to have a 3 day every other week :)
    Enjoy the hotel...ya for bringing the pets.