Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reason #135 Why I love my Husband

This is adorable. In fact, I’m smiling like an idiot as I type this out.

Last night, K and I were sitting in bed, watching TV before bed and he was eating fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookies (which means the chocolate chips were extra melty). I look over at him, and am delightfully shocked to see he somehow has gotten chocolate smeared all over his face – his mouth, chin, and even a dab or two on his cheeks and nose. I starting grinning like a fool, and K gives me that “what the fuck are you smiling at” look. He has no idea that his face loosely resembles a 1 year old who’s eating cake for the first time. For some reason, that struck me as super cute and melted my heart a bit.

PS – The reason why this is so funny is because K is a confident, rocket scientist who can also throw a mean spiral, and it’s rare to see a more whimsical, childlike side of him, which I happen to find both hilarious and endearing.

PPS – I’m sure K will be thrilled to read a this post (a post written explicitly at his expense), but this is just one more reason why having an anonymous blog is the definitely way to go.

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  1. Haha. I love silly little moments like this! Thanks for sharing!